The How to Guide to make sure when your Outfit is Pole-Tastic

The How to Guide to make sure when your Outfit is Pole-Tastic

A slip here… a slip there… you don’t want to face a costume slip anywhere…


Choose an outfit that visually pleases you

This ensures both that your outfit is within your competition theme but also that your self -confidence will be boosted when wearing it.

Choose an outfit that fits

Yes yes we are aware that this is a little self-explanatory however gravity existed even prior to Newton’s head being hit by an apple.  Make sure that you try on the outfit and make any tailoring changes you feel necessary.  My suggestion is always to go slightly smaller – this will ensure a more snug fit.

Tip: Like a Glove

Test your outfit

For those of you that are superstitious and do not want to ruin an outfit before competition day – make an exception.   Trying on an outfit during a practice routine makes sure that any potential slips happen in the comfort of your studio rather than before an audience.

Tip: Practice makes Perfect

Hand wash your outfit prior to competing

Wash and Dry cycles tend to shrink things and although this is a perfect choice for that unwanted cellulite tis is definitely not something you want for an outfit you’ll be twirling – spinning and inverting in.

Tip: Sometimes Manual is better than Automatic

Last minute touch ups

For those that want to be safe rather than sorry a little bit of hair spray in areas such as bosom and bum can add an extra added security to keep everything right where it is suppose to be.

Tip: A hairspray A Day keeps the Slip Away

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